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Hi Welcome to The Rufty Tufty Guild Website!

Feel free to browse the site at your leisure and feel free to sign up for the hidden features, such as
Ventrillo and Facebook details in the members only forums, Gallery uploading for every site member,
shoutbox and live chat features to catch up with your guild buddies while at work etc.

Enjoy the game, the site and the other features included as well :)


Latest Update

Hi guys what to do with site ???

Howdooyoodoo, Nov 23, 12 12:40 PM.
Hi everyone who sees this. I have left the guild as im not playing the game at present. Things got too stressful for me and everytime I logged in I wasnt able to concentrate enough to play. 

I have cancelled the ventrillo server and stopped the payments to the advanced site features.  The question is how to get you guys a site.

There is two options, one I see if i can transfer this site to the new leader of the guild, or second, Nannas from the guild has a secondary site which he can run for you while you play. Speak to him ingame if you can.

Let me know in the email box above or in the comments section what is needed from me for the guild regarding this site. 

Sorry guys its impossible for me to concentrate on the game when im in my mind more than in game. Unfortunately it happens for me sometimes.

Hope you guys still enjoy the guild together

Let me know what to do with the site :)

From Howdooyoodoo

Kagera's first successful event - More coming at the weekend!

Howdooyoodoo, Nov 3, 12 5:42 PM.
Hi guys,

I've just came out game after a 2 hour jumping puzzle competition event with a fair few bunch of people from the guild. We started at 19.00 in this jupming puzzle; 

  • Name: Goemm’s Lab
  • Location: Asura Starting Zone Metrica Province, east side of the map
  • Location map: Near Cuatle Morass waypoint / Metrica Province / Maguuma Jungle
  • Recommended level: ~13
  • Achievement type: Explorer / Puzzle Achievement
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Killing Boss
  • Duration: 60-80 minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo)Easy, Normal, Hard
  • Monster level: 12-13
For 1 hour and about ten minutes the guild members all practised like crazy, attempting to complete the practice
run of the jumping puzzle.  It was certainly a challenging one as well, giving us a multitude of deaths, confusion,
frustration and by myself, even pure hatred! l It really was a challenging puzzlle to practice on!

The jumping puzzle had several areas to complete, that were separated by 4 or 5 portals.
For 3 of the portals, we needed to take an alternative path down inside the areas to get an attuned buff that lasted for 30 minutes. We then had to complete that area before the buff ran out,  or we had to go get the buff again. We had many people who managed to clear each area with the first buff they applied but myself and others too, we were just getting to a new portal to start a new area when yup came the message we didn't have the buff and had to start that area right from the beginning lol or lel :P

Nearer the end of the practise run, others decided to join us too, but unfortunately for some of us we did not get to practice at all, or never got to finish the practise run too, however nearly everyone wanted to join in on the actual race, even though Leap the Great had to cut it short early.  Kagera went to the end of the JP, and after 2 tries at starting the race, everyone was off.....
And then off we went, followed by Morgoth who decided he wanted to meet the floor again before anyone else lol, I tried my best to catch up too the leaders, but i fell flat on my face and died as well, meaning I had to go right back to the beginning, to restart again. So I was last it seemed and it was at that time I felt the need to tell everyone that maybe it wasn't fair if I didn't win anyway lol Only because I was last mind you :P  

After trying my best to get to the first portal area where the race started, soon enough a message came from Nannas that he was at the 3rd portal. So Nannas seemed to be winning. This was about 10 minutes into the race, and he was very quick to get to the third portal compared to me especially.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying it, and after a few minutes later of more frustration and calamity by me, Kagera announced a winner. It was not Nannas, it was Neiti who won, and shortly after he won, he said to everyone how exciting the event had been and how on the edge of the seat he was while doing it. 

It was indeed a successful event followed up by a guild photo at the original waypoint;

Well done Neiti for a super speed run and well done too, to Nannas who came close second I think ? Not everyone completed the event,  but I trudged on at my 35 year old pace and managed to get my chest at the end. I was greated by four members not dancing at the end, but all lying asleep lol 

Well done Kagera on a successful event enjoyed by all who took part.  Guys keep your eyes peeled in the event forums for more details of the weekends events including a WvW event as well :)

Looking forward to it Kagera, as im sure is all the members who took part today!


Hi! Periodic update about Dungeon runs and the new Guild Rank System

Howdooyoodoo, Oct 27, 12 7:20 PM.
Hello guys welcome to a periodic update with important news on dungeon groups and guild ranks.

Well, its been an awesome last week in the guild, with constant dungeon groups going on within the game. 
Lets keep it up, and try to help others who are lower levels and need dungeons too. If you find you log in one day and you miss out on a dungeon,  please please try to get other members to come with you in the dungeon you choose. The best way to get dungeons done is to use as many guild members as you can get, into the dungeon group, then recruit for more at he dungeon entrance and also lions arch too. The dungeon groups don't have to include me in it, for the dungeon to be good fun. Meet the other members of the guild they are all great people to play with :)

Finally with regards to dungeons, please be aware that the dungeons require hard work, team work and sheer brute force to beat. Sometimes it can get a bit hectic when you try to figure out how to beat a certain place within a dungeon. Please try not to get angry as then the dungeon is beating you. Look at the boss you are fighting and look under its health bar for clues on how to beat the boss at hand. The dungeons are great fun and sometimes though can be hellish. When you go to do a dungeon for the first time round, try not to worry about coin costs as the first thing you need to do with a new dungeon is find out how to master it first. Then you can go back in over and over making coin then from the dungeon. Once you know how to beat a said dungeon area, then the coin making and exp gains can begin. Enjoy the dungeons in game and the fact that there is many guild dungeon groups going on throughout the day and night.

Here is a quick image of the level 70-75 dungeon we did today called Citadel Of Flames;

Guild Rank System
Sometime today, someone was wanting me to promote someone else in the guild because they bought someone in the guild a suit of armor I think it was which was neat and is recognized.. I thought id try and show you guys how you can gain new rank status within the guild, based on the current rank system we have in place now.  I hope this gives you guys some goals to achieve when you see the system I've decided for choosing which ranks belong to which people;

Note: The following rank system will be in effect immediately and all members in the guild will start in this rank system with the rank they are at now regardless of the rank system given below. So if your a devoted member for example, try to fulfill the role given below.

Initiate Member Rank: This rank is the rank every new member is given when they start out with The Rufty Tufty Guild. Basically each member stays in this rank status for 2-3 days of active game play, then they are promoted by someone of a higher rank, to the next rank up called active member rank. With this rank the members can wear the guild emblem on their weapons and armor, and can store stuff in the guild bank. They cannot take out stuff from the guild bank at this level. 

Active Member Rank: This rank is for players who show they are actively participating in the guild for a 2-3 day period of active membership. With this rank, members are able to do the things they could as an initiate member, plus they can also now withdraw items for use from the guild bank. Members will remain at this rank and will not get promoted to the next rank, unless they can prove they are good at giving higher ranked members, names of people they wish to add to the guild on a constant basis. Someone who shows they are good at getting new people into the guild via this way, and are consistently doing it, they will be considered for Devoted Member Rank. 

Devoted Member Rank: This rank is for members who show they are good at recruiting new players within the guild. The devoted members can do everything an active member can do plus also they can admin lower ranks which means they can add, demote,promote and kick players within the guild in the ranks below them at their discretion. Also the devoted members can deposit the valuable guild items and coin etc into our treasure trove bank which is coming very soon! Devoted members cannot take out items from the treasure trove, only deposit.  For devoted members to be considered for the ultra member rank within the guild, the person must show they are both consistently good at managing the players in the lower ranks via add, promote, demote and kick skills, and also can prove they are good at administration of the guild bank, and are also good at choosing which items go into our secure treasure trove, then they will be considered for the Ultra Member Rank.

Ultra Member Rank: This rank is designed to give the members who reach this Status a chance to manage who gets what items from the treasure trove, what messages get put in the message of the day in guild window, and also have the chance to add periodic stories about the game or events taking place within the guild, as well as organize events as well for the guild using the website event planner. Ultra rank members can do everything a devoted ranked member can do, plus the advantage of editing message of the day, and having a higher status with the website.  Also the ultra rank members can take out items from the treasure trove, for personal use, or for distribution throughout the members within the guild.. 
In order for an ultra member to achieve officer status, the person must show good skills at handling recruits,  message of the day comments, organizing events within the guild, doing write ups for the website and organizing events via the events scheduler on the site, and finally showing good skills at handling the items that go in and out of the treasure trove. The person in question too must have a level 80 character in the game, and also the person has to prove they have an active state in the guild even after achieving level 80 in the game with one character. I think a period of two weeks of active status after achieving level 80 on one character, is sufficient proof that the person is committed to the game, and is proof that the person can handle the officer rank within the guild. 

Officer Rank:  Officer ranked members are given much more responsibility within the guild, thus it is a very 
responsible role to have within the guild. Officer ranked members can do everything an Ultra Ranked member can do, with the added bonuses of having admin rights on the website, they can spend guild influence points, and can que up guild upgrades, modify current upgrades in the build que and can  activate build upgrades that are ready as well. An Officer in the guild has to prove they have what it takes to be a Leader within the guild, taking on the role of recruiting and admin of ranks etc, organizing competitions using their own coin as prize money for our members, taking on the responsibility of trying to keep guild chat lively and fun for the other players, show commitment to maintaining the website and adding facebook group threads for our members to see etc. 
There may be a day when I may choose to stand down and I will need good officers to take over from me if I ever decide to stop playing. That is why it is important for officers to take the game a lot more seriously because its the officers within the guild I will pass everything onto, if I leave the guild and its still got many active members on board. If you take over, you will have to show you can commit your own in game coin to organize prize events and competitions for our players, and can show you can get donations for the site and ventrillo. You have to do this, because one day it may be your responsibility to manage the site and the ventrillo and the facebook group as the leader of The Rufty Tufty Guild :)

Guild Leader Rank:  Basically this rank is not possible to be promoted too unless there is a good reason as to why one of my officers should take over. People who are officers and fulfill their role correctly, will be approached to become the guild leader and will be shown everything they need to do in order to run the guild ongoing successfully without me there. This rank requires people with patience, dedication, and skills to prove they can take over, and continue to develop the guild into the new future for the game and the guild members. Being a guild leader means you will be responsible for making sure the morale in the guild is a good one. Trust me your members will help you along the way with ideas, and guidelines to help you develop the guild in a way that suits its members. Who knows maybe one day you'll be tuff enough to be the new Rufty Tufty Guild Leader :) 

These rank guidelines will also be posted as well in the members forums on the website at any time in the future. This will then help me and my members to remember what our roles our within the guild at any time :)

Enjoy your day:)

Howdooyoodoo - Guild Leader

Halloween Update today !! Servers will be down

Howdooyoodoo, Oct 21, 12 9:29 PM.
Hi there!
Here is a periodic update to give you guys some news about whats going on in game, with the guild etc too....

Before I give you a news update, here as promised is a picture of me and guild members in a dungeon,
and not just a picture of me showing of my guild emblem stuff :P As promised :D

A picture of me, Hell Warrior Sam, And Kavati in Ta Dungeon ? (more about our dungeon runs below)

Halloween content:
The Halloween update is coming today guys, so the servers will be down for while some
time today at some point. Its the games first biggest game update bringing apparently not only
Halloween content but new in game features as well. Looking forward to that very much indeed,
are you ? Here's the link again about this update for your viewing pleasure;

The Halloween content is here till the 31st of October and also I believe you need to do a bunch
off the Halloween events and mini games etc in order to complete your monthly updates ?

Guild Dungeon Events etc;
Thank you all of you have helped  the guild members partake in dungeons for the last few days its
been amazing fun :) I think we have now mastered the 30+ AC story mode dungeon except for 
finding out how to split the lovers apart ? I'm guessing by using non aoe hits we can strategically
separate them and pick them off one at a time. As for the King strategy with the boulders, simply
amazing!  We can now kill the king without dying once thanks to the boulders in the Lovers room
or Kasha room......
After killing all the bosses, go to the King with a boulder each, and two 
people throw constant boulders at him to keep him down and the other three people take shots 
at him. Not one death tonight on the King with the boulder strategy it was awesome :) Oranje 
was in bits of laughter at it lol 

We have done many dungeons this week and sometimes up to 3 runs or more perhaps
in one day which is good going. Its getting the guild members together doing stuff and it helps 
us get more influence points when we are in parties together. Please if you find the time,
join a party with someone in guild, and help them with event bosses, map clearing, crafting help
dungeons, dynamic events, skill points WvW, 8v8 PvP etc. The more we mix together and help each
other out , the better our guild will be in the long run.

Try as well to find out how others are doing 
in the guild, help them when you can when i'm not around and simply have fun.  Start conversations in
guild etc. I have found that if I ask any of the members what they doing ingame , ask how they doing etc,
I have built friendships by doing so and everyone turns out to be like everyone else in the end :)

Final notes 
Thank you everyone for making the last week as much fun as it has been, and welcome on board our
newest members, including Pale Beam who became our 70th member in the guild to date. Just to let
you guys know I have to recruit ongoing at least 2 hours of my gaming time. I will not be able to do
dungeons then but if I recruit at least say 6 per day, then I will cut the recruiting down and come help
everyone. I have taken a break from recruiting after finding out I was recruiting too much, and now will
aim to get our guild to 100 members soon. The idea is as Lemonkey pointed out, to keep recruiting
ongoing, because you never know when someone is not going to be there the following week. Even
active members can suddenly disappear so ill spend 2 hours a day recruiting new players ongoing
from now, so you can all relax now :)

Hope you guys are still having as much fun in game as I am and looking forward to seeing you all in game
for the Halloween content :)

Bye bye for now 

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